RIoT 2018 - NB-IoT Backpack Pro


Diskusi mengenai NB-IoT Backpack Pro, salah satu official hardware kits acara RIoT 2018


For all participant who made it through prototyping phase.

We will send you ESPectro32 v2 for you to running your project. As the top 50th, you must use this as main control to get extra points!
We don’t want to this kits go to the wrong hands, so keep in mind that you have to use valid address for us to send your kits. It’s all yours.

Let us know when the product is ready. You can send us the video about the product which include; your product must be ready in function and presentable.
The video must be: HI-Res, and no longer than 3mins. We will send you the guideline within next week. Keep an update with your e-mail.

The kit that we sent is ESPectro32 v2, but don’t worry, we wil give NB-IoT for 30 selected teams in workshop (November 20th), and the rest 20 teams will be given after the ends of the event.

Be ready to convert your product with ESPectro32 v2 and NB-IoT! We will provide your needs on the next phase. Only the chosen will get the chance!

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your contribution is beneficial to Indonesia. You are the one who will shift Indonesia into the Digital Energy of Asia.